I have a number of speaking engagements coming up, including:
In August 2017, at the annual conference of the Royal Geographical Association (in London) and in September, at the conference of RC21, the Urban and regional Development section of the International Sociological Association (in Leeds), I’ll be presenting work from my British Academy project on private equity landlords in the United States. The paper is called Automated Landlord: Disrupting a financial backwater and securing market order, and I look forward to feedback on this work. Later in September I’ll be thinking through the relations between the automated landlord and urban automation at an international workshop held by the Urban Institute at the University of Sheffield.
September 2017: Constructing a New Asset Class: Property-led Financial Accumulation After the Crisis. Third international seminar of the Real Estate/Financial Complex at KU Leuven.
In October 2017 I’ll travel to Sydney to present Key Issues in Digital Real Estate: Cohorts, Platforms, Data, and Labor (with Dallas Rogers) at the University of Sydney.
Recent speaking engagements include:
June 2017Automated Landlord: Financialization, Rent Relations, and the Digital Turn. Plenary at  RC43 Housing and Built Environment section of the International Sociological Association. Hong Kong.
May 2017: Spaces of Abandonment: Endurance and Potentiality in “Crisis-mode” Urbanism. Finance, Crisis, and the City: Global Urbanism and the Great Recession. Collaborative on Global Urbanism, New York University. Villa la Pietra, Florence, Italy
April 2017Governing New York’s Urban Crisis: A Genealogy  and co-author on Key Issues in Digital Real Estate: Cohorts, Platforms, Data, and Labor (with Dallas Rogers). Annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers, Boston, MA, USA.
15 February, 2017Automated Landlord. Economic Worlds speakers series at the University of Nottingham School of Geography. Nottingham, UK.
17 November 2016: Unwilling Subjects of Financialization. Workshop on financialization, risk, intimacy, and family at University of Amsterdam, sponsored by Housing Markets and Welfare State Transformations (HOUWEL). Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
12 November 2016Big Money, Local Lives: Globalization, Development, and the Affordable Housing Crisis. Pittsburgh Housing Summit: Human Rights, Affordable Housing, and Urban Development Strategies. University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
24 October 2016The Financialization of Rental Housing and Post-Crisis Urban Landscapes. The Right to Housing: Challenges to Improving Access to Decent Housing. Barcelona City Council, Congres de Arquitectura, Observatorio DESC. Barcelona, Spain.
20 October, 2016: Constructing a New Asset Class: Resurrecting Financialization after the Crisis. Critical Finance seminar at Goldsmiths College Center for Research Architecture. London, UK.

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